2022 10 08 - The game has been updated from v0.9.213 to v0.9.216
- Updated local and remote gateway options bar on gateways page to have new styling for buttons
- prevented html injection in network manager motd
- enhanced account options page style and deleted clan tag option as this will go in clans management
- TODO: do database button in gateways top bar

2022 09 27 - The game has been updated from v0.9.189 to v0.9.213
- Hotfixes
- Can now choose an avatar and enter a bio in Player Profile in the menu
-- Profiles are accessible from:
-> Player Rankings page
-> Friend Search
- Early implementation of Factions page now available in the menu

2022 07 07 - The game has been updated from v0.9.169 to v0.9.189
- Base theme updated and fontawesome added
- Halved file copy time
- Max file copy time 24 hours
- Max compile time 4 hours
- Max file delete 72 hours
- Fixed bug with try_delete code recurrsion when file_id invalid
- Reduced code execution timeout from 100 seconds to 60 seconds
- Fixed bug where couldnt kill file hide or file unhide process because it appeared that there was a child process when there wasnt.
- Jackpot slot betting now logged in financial transactions
- Financial transaction grouping implemented
- Fixed bug with BUY MAX taking a long time to compute (now is instant)
- Updates to rankings page - made top 10 always visible and added pagination
- File delete changed from 5.2s to 1 second per megabyte
- Udded pagination to logs
- Updated pagination for financial logs
- Fixed bug where having a long gateway name causes the gateway selection drop down and the user@hostname to be too long due to not having a max-width property in the css
- Jackpot contribution changed to 0.46% as returns are 99.54 % but chance of winning jackpot reduced from 1 in 1,000,000 to 1 in 250,000 and max sessions to 1
- Crypto suite updated to allow spaces or no spaces when converting hex
- Player filter added to server database and world map now only shows servers according to the selected filter
- Removed old code in jackpot slots where jackpot is updated after a spin with value that doesnt match the real figure of the jackpot which is server side.

2022 04 20 - The game has been updated from v0.9.167 to v.0.9.169
- added casino and jackpot slot machine
- added game guide v2.0.5

2021 10 13 - The game has been updated from v0.9.147 to v0.9.167
- fixed bug allowing a player to bid on an item at a price lower than the current bid
- fixed bug where installing a virus did not check to ensure that you have enough time to complete the action
- fixed bug where you could download private files through public FTP
- fixed bug allowing you to complete a download or upload when you do not have enough time to complete the action
- fixed bug where changing iiid allows you to withdraw 0.00000000 from non-wallet items
- fixed buy where code attempted to process invalid gateway id on the research page
- fixed bug where incorrect item type could be used to build a custom-built server
- fixed bug allowing you to view another players source code on the research page
- fixed bug allowing to upgrade custom-built servers
- fixed bug where new gateway cost was taking into account custom builds when it shouldn't
- fixed bug where upon completing a research task credit was displayed as positive when it should be negative
- fixed bug where upon completing data decode mission it did not check you have enough time before subtracting 5 time
- converted Unicode arrows to HTML entities in the hopes that they are now visible on mobile browsers (if that doesn't fix it I can choose different characters)
- change to the auction house, now you cannot use the auction house if you have a loan outstanding
- added 'quit all' button to the mission data page
- changed the wording to be more accurate when loot container is dropped
- disabled CDN due to subscription expiring
- fixed bug with auction house cron job not running
- 4N0M4LY (admin testing account) is no longer participating actively in player rankings

2021 09 26 - The game has been updated from v0.9.140 to v0.9.147
- added loot drops (7% chance per mission completed)
- added inventory
- added auction house
- added custom built servers
- added ports to ip scanner results
- non html content now included in email reply by default
- fixed bug when deleting mail
- refactor of software types code

2021 08 27 - The game has been updated from v0.9.138 to v0.9.140
- added cap so that you can create a maximum of 500 research tasks at any one time
- added pagination to processes page

2021 08 26 - The game has been updated from v0.9.136 to v0.9.138
- refactor, implemented templates, index and view now sharing code
- updated hardware page to have images

2021 08 05 - The game has been updated from v0.9.115 to v0.9.136
bug fixes
- can only compile for same or less than version of source code on local gateway
- able to see database even when not connected to server with database running
- virus install not checking correct amount of memory is available
- public ftp not highlighting crypto suite when has mission
- unable to run software on a remote gateway because of error invalid file id
- research can be completed when player doesnt have enough time
- password break can be completed when player doesnt have enough time
- 'not enough net' error message printing float at high precision instead 2 decimal places
- able to use academic database tag on your own gateway motd
- fixed failiure to login as admin to own gateway after ip change
- fixed bug with change ip checking if time points is greater than rather than equal to or greater than
- added captcha to user registration and to send message
- added window and presentation selection to stock market
- added clan tags
- added glyph as reward for donation
- added free real world email
- added ip scanner
- virii that are installed now display version so that it is visible in network manager (won't effect existing virii)
- made IP address in hardware and research a hyperlink to use to connect to the server
- added configuration in account settings for audio sound effects to turn on/off
- added red colouring to negative amounts on finances page
additional notes
- please test real world email and provide feedback
- zoom and pan will not be added to the map in this update as working on making the markers resize differently
- virus break will also not be added to this version due to further changes being required before it is made live

v0.9.115 (alpha) 2021 07 03
- Added map to server database

2021 06 21 Update
- Fixed issue with python server disconnecting from database
- Added support for crypto currency donations

v0.9.114 (alpha) 2021 06 17
- Fixed bug where research options on the research page would always show for the current gateway instead of the selected gateway
- Added BUY MAX and SELL MAX to the stock market
- Modified compiler so that it carries over the name of the source code
- Fixed bug with ' in filename preventing program from being run
- Added research calculator
- Fixed bug with file delete always showing mission reward even for 0 crd
- Prevent crypto suit and database server from being decompiled (they were obfuscated)
- Fixed bug preventing buying best software
- Added maximum decay to research so that it doesn't grind to a halt
- Fixed bug with file hide not appearing in research
- Fixed bug with versions being greater than 6 places when overloading software due to precision change
- Fixed bug preventing more than one download of a virus due to it thinking its installed
- Added Academic Database Mission
- kernel.install in network manager says task complete when not finished installing
- New version style displayed under DQOI top left
- Fixed bug with it not telling you when missions in your mission data are completed by other players
- Added sound effect when mission completed
- Added HTTPS certificate to the website

v0.9.95 (alpha)
- Added Follow The Trail mission
- Improved logs page (added ID and search)
- Improved network manager page
- Added live countdown timers to processes page
- Added research revision history (You can recompile a snapshot from any time you finished some research)
- Added gauges to the process page
- Fixed bug in the way power was calculated (hardware was being incorrectly calculated)
- http://dontquitownit.com/view.php?url=dontquitownit.blog can now be accessed via http://browser.dontquitownit.com/dontquitownit.blog
- Fixed bug where obfuscated executable purchases from the software dealer were not obfuscated

dqoi v0.9.83 (alpha)
- Added Information Facilitation Training mission
- Added Teh Eraser mission
- Added Crypto-Suite to assist in completing Decode Data missions
- Installed Software now Infected Systems
- Top Ranking now Ranking
- Font sizes now scale in Rankings and Hall of Fame
- Enabled researching of Decompiler
- Added visible wallet amount in Infected Systems
- Added Accept All button on Bulletin Board
- Made it so that a players progress for file delete missions is visible in mission data
- Increased float precision to handle high research hours
- Prevented encrypted software from being installed or run
- Spyware collects last
- IP Leech results have been improved and are now accurate
- Crack server missions are now hidden if you have already cracked the target
- When not enough resources to run compiler amount required now shown
- Credits are now in green when completing crack server mission
- Added colours to collect all results
- Removed Register button from Anonymous Browser when logged in
- Added delete checkboxes in Messages
- New fonts added to the banners
- File transfer progress bars are now animated
- Fixed bug with file delete missions not being regenerated on software repositories
- Fixed bug with remote host showing local host hard drive usage
- Fixed spelling mistake "Infvalid process ID"
- Fixed spelling mistake in Player Guide

dqoi v0.9.58 (alpha)
- Added BBCode for Marquee
- Improved DNS Registry
- Added domaintrader.biz
- Added freehitcounter.net
- Total funds in bonds now displays the correct value
- Research now charges for the full amount of hours not just 1
- Changed select scrollbar color to match the theme
- Made it so that the default view on the gateway connect page when not connected - the localhost http service
- An icon for interest payment in finance log
- Markets now closed off and opened at certain points of the day
- There is now confirmation when a log is modified or deleted
- Changed the color of the executable and software buttons in software dealer to match theme
- Fixed software dealer not working
- Added counts in software dealer best drop down
- Added a delete button for missions
- Changed some margins and font sizes
- Added dontquitownit.com/view.php?url=dontquitownit.com
+ Server migration complete

v0.9.42 (alpha)
- Remote virus installs now only take 50 cpu on local process
- Local process of remote virus install is now ended when install is completed. Also removed initiated_ip_address from remote process.
- Upon completing mission credits displayed with positive symbol instead of negative
- When bounce or delete in server database the page no longer always reverts to all servers
- Fixed the password breaker selection when cracking a server not reflecting the ip address of password breakers that are already running
- Comments now enabled for all servers in server database

v0.9.36 (alpha)
- Added comments next to servers in server database
- Added groupings of all servers in server database

v0.9.35 (alpha) Hotfix
- Modified database backup to run twice a day
- Added logger tweak to server script to flush output to stdout atexit
- Fixed issue with best software dealer not filtering non standard software types if exploited
- Added check to give correct error message when someone is attempting to exploit notepad
- Fixed issue with session not carrying across default and www subdomains
- Fixed issue with data decode missions telling the user that completed them that it was completed by another user

v0.9.32 (alpha) Hotfix
- Mission data now has sorting
- Fixed bug with buying of stocks deducting credits but not actually giving stocks
- Fixed bug with software dealer allowing to generate non existent software
- Fixed bug with software dealer allowing to purchase non standard software_type_id's
- Fixed issue with incorrect file name for source code purchased from software dealer
- Fixed bug with file copy not working
- Fixed bug with generic file tools header not showing in files when changing directory on localhost
- Fixed issue with data decode missions reporting that another user completed the mission when infact they did

v0.9.26 (alpha) Hotfix
- Fixed issue with IP address not showing in transfers which resulted in no task complete option
- Removed compiler and decompiler executables from research options and made sure the intended source files are included in the options
- Made it so cant download upload folders (was an exploit)
- Made it so cant hide/unhide/encrypt/decrypt folders (another exploit)
- Containment folders also have containment flag for future purposes
- Made so can't move folders (they have to be emptied and deleted) - as this was an exploit and not intended for this version

v0.9.17 (alpha) Hotfix
- Fixed issue with decompiler saying run instead of decompile
- fixed undefined offset in missions
- all missions have been deleted and regenerated
- processes for viruses on public servers that shouldnt exist have been deleted
- fixed bugs with file delete not working properly or giving reward

Hot fix v0.9.13
- Some source code files were missing from research options and are now visible
- Removed debug info from compile
- Fixed HTTP preview not processing advanced tags

Website has been updated to v0.9.10, fixes include
- Fixed bug where hide and encrypt file option says process started even when it hasnt because no file hider or file encryptor running
- Fixed issue with NULL being displayed against an IP Change
- Prevented file delete mission viruses from being executed by putting them in a containment folder
- Fixed issue with FSV having no install time in versions greater than 0.1
- Modified HTTP Webpage handling of spaces for additional customization
- Added HTTP Webpage preview
- Temporary fix to no files being created in secret servers
- Domain registrar only accessible now when connected to a dns server
- Fixed bug with downloading files from repo causing php notice
- Added isset check on file extension var for http background image upoads
- Reduced file delete missions per server to 4